The Most Important Statistics to Analyze in MLB Handicapping Betting

The truth is that baseball stands out as the perfect sport for any person that loves statistics. MLB betting is impossible without a proper analysis of the stats and if you are a handicapper better, using statistics is something that you need to always do in order to have a chance of success.

MLB games are going to start and end with pitching. It is highly important to see who starts a game as this will have an impact on total lines. Most of the handicapping bets are going to be made based on a proper analysis of the pitching. The past performance of any pitcher will have an impact on the game but never put too much of a base on the past season. It is much more important to look at the current form in order to try and predict how he will do in the next match. Never neglect pitcher injuries!

It is highly important that you look at the pitcher’s ERA (earned run average) and at the team’s ability in scoring runs. You might end up having a team that is not ranked high at batting but that has a very good run scoring stat. There are examples where a team won the American League while finishing really low in batting average. With this in mind, make sure that you also take a look at the balls per game statistics, which will show you the ability of the team to put a man on a base.

Whenever betting on MLB handicapping, take a look at a home plate umpire stat. This can have an impact on the game on the basis of strike zone size. Any umpire will have habits and tighter strike zones basically mean that most of the games are going over the total. To put it really simple, most of the games in this case are going to end up being pitching duels. It is clear to understand that in this case you need to base your bet on pitcher stats.

Always remember that it is highly important to look at as many stats as possible, although the ones mentioned above are crucial in betting on handicap. Look at the form of the team, the weather forecast and the ball parks where the games are held. Combine all this to obtain a good foundation and practice so that you can see exactly how to have success when betting on MLB handicap.