The Baseball Bat – What is It Made of?

There is a really common misconception that all baseball bats are made out of wood. This is not true. It was true in the past, when this was the only material type that was used but nowadays there are many different materials that are going to be utilized. However, wood baseball bats are still popular and they will be used by many different professionals and sometimes even in amateur leagues. Every single batter will know the name Louisville Slugger as it is one of the most popular bat creators that use wood in the world.

When referring to wood baseball bats there are two wood types that are usually utilized: maple and ash. Ash stands out as being the most popular. However, maple bats are starting to gain a lot of popularity lately. This is due to the fact that they are always harder. Unfortunately this also brings in a little problem. Sometimes maple bats will splinter. The good news is that this is a rare problem and more professionals weekly are starting to use them.

Another material that is possible is bamboo. Lately we have noticed many that are using them, mainly due to the fact that they are lighter while also being durable. The exact same thing can be said about the birch bat, which will be easier to bend when compared with maple and a lot more durable when compared with ash.

In 1969 we saw the appearance of the first ever aluminum bat and this ended up becoming really popular when referring to amateur baseball. The metal bats will be light and can increase distance when compared to a wooden bat. Due to this, amateurs will most likely use them since they can score more runs. There is also the composite bat that might be used, but there is a lot of controversy that surrounds it because of different possible problems.

In conclusion, we can say that professionals will most likely use wood bats while the amateurs will stick to aluminum bats. No matter what bat type is being used, what is important is that the quality is really high so that no problems can appear. A baseball bat can really hurt someone when there are different problems that are noticed and nobody wants to see that. Make sure that you choose the bat that you are using wisely in the event that you want to play some baseball.