Runline Betting Tips in Baseball

One of the major differences between the MLB and other seasons is the fact that it is much longer. If you want to bet on this sport, it is highly important to understand that it is normal to notice slumps and streaks. You are going to have a successful betting season in the event that you can find value in odds. The runline bet is rather new in the sport but professional bettors are going to use it. The traditional runlines that are usually available are – and + 1.5.

Statistics show that around 25% of the games in the last years finished with a difference of just one run. It is important that you will always pay close attention when betting -1.5 runline on a home team. This is a bet that is only going to be successful in around 7% of the games if the score is tied after 9 innings passed.

It is highly important that you will look at the pitcher’s stats because some of these players are going to be reliable and extremely predictable. When faced with a pitcher that has a higher chance of being replaced or shut out, a -1.5 runline bet can be suitable. Most professionals will bet against rookie pitchers as they will quite often give up the big inning.

There are different teams that will be popular in every season. This basically means that there will be many beginner bettors that will play a -1.5 runline on the favorite. Due to this, the +1.5 runline bet will be attractive when closer in time to the first pitch. The only problem is that you need to be careful, watch the odds at all times and pick the right time to bet money.

When the oddmaker will set a runline, it will analyze the money amount that is placed on the game and the moneyline. Most bettors think that a +1.5 runline bet on a game that does not have a high bet pool is advantageous but this is not always the case. It is quite often to notice a moneyline that has a better value when compared with -1.5 when faced with a professional pitching against rookies.

Always remember the fact that the runline bet in baseball is not as easy as you might be tempted to believe. You need to make sure that you pick the right time to place a bet in order to have a higher chance of winning. Sometimes, if you are not confident in getting a high chance of success, it is much better to simply not make the bet.