Baseball for the Younger Generation

20/20 cricket has introduced a new format to an archaic game that lost touch with a youthful audience. The shortened form of the game not only encouraged reckless abandon with its play but allowed for the shorter attention span of the modern consumer. It is imperative that for baseball to grow and push into new territory something similar must be done.

Being from Australia I can count the amount of baseball games I have watched on one hand. I love playing the sport and as a cricket playing nation Australians generally have a bit of an affinity for bat and ball sports, but the viewing spectacle that is 9 innings baseball can fall pretty flat at times.

20/20 cricket was trialed in a low interest environment away from the critical eye. Those in the know observed it with keen interest and on viewing the success of it as a contest expanded it and now it is the dominant commercial cricket format in the world. All the money is in the Indian Premier League and with other 20/20 leagues blowing up around the world it is proof that for a long form game like cricket to be successful in this generation it needs to evolve with it. Baseball needs to do the same.

I’m not an expert on baseball, but as a connoisseur of a lot of sports I would like to be and that is my point. The fact that someone like me, who sits on the Fox Sports News Channel basically all day (when there isn’t a sport to be watched) doesn’t know enough about the sport to actually explain how this could be done, is an indictment of a sport with such a rich history. The administration of the sport need to do something about it before it is left behind.

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