MLB Potential Trade Deadline Players

The Mid Summer Classic is in the book as the second half of the 2015 Major League Baseball season picked up action on Friday night. While the action has been in full swing we expect the action to pick up as teams fight to climb back into the playoff picture. These next two weeks will […]

Understanding WHIP in Baseball

If you’re going to get serious about baseball betting, you’re going to have to get serious about baseball statistics. Otherwise you’re just betting form the gut. This can be fun for regular entertainment, but if you’re trying to make serious money, well…this is going to be quite the problem. You just need to make sure […]

Baseball for the Younger Generation

20/20 cricket has introduced a new format to an archaic game that lost touch with a youthful audience. The shortened form of the game not only encouraged reckless abandon with its play but allowed for the shorter attention span of the modern consumer. It is imperative that for baseball to grow and push into new […]

Types of MLB Betting

When you first get into MLB betting, it can be very confusing. There are all kinds of terms and words that you are probably hearing for the first time, and you can become overwhelmed very easily. If you want to bet on MLB baseball but feel too confused to move forward, this article is for […]

Useful Baseball Betting Tips

Baseball betting is quite popular among professional sports betters as it is one of the easier sports to learn and get acquainted with pretty quickly. Even though football betting is more common that baseball betting, the latter is slowly gaining momentum in the betting circuit due to the better odds that it offers and the […]